Costa Rica - October 2005
Pictures from Costa Rica - October 2005
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  1. Volio Waterfalls, Bri Bri, Costa Rica - A nice place to cool off on sunny days
    Most tour operators in Puerto Viejo (de Talamanca) area have package trips to Bri Bri and Kekoldi Indian reservations. The highlights are a visit to Bri Bri farm with medicinal plants, a visit to an iguana farm and a short hike to Volio waterfalls.

    Watch out for little red frogs on the trail. You will be wading through knee-deep water in a couple of places. So wear a pair of sandals for this short hike. The rocks near the streams and the waterfalls are quite slippery.

    You will need your bathing suit and a towel. The hotels usually loan you a towel if you don't have one. The vehicle is usually parked along the road, but I would not leave any valuables in the vehicle. If you buy any souvenir at the Bri Bri or Kekoldi Indian reservation, you will want to take them with you to the waterfalls. Stay away from buying the animal products such as claws.

  2. Baby Iguanas - Baby iguanas at an Iguana farm at Kekoldi Indian Reservation, Costa Rica
  3. Iguanas at Kekoldi iguana farm - Iguanas at a Kekoldi iguana farm, Costa Rica.
  4. Closeup of Iguana - Close up of iguana at a Kekoldi iguana farm, Costa Rica
  5. Playa Chiquita - Playa Chiquita south of Puerto Viejo (de Talamanca), Costa Rica
    The ocean water is very warm in October. It is so farm that it is not refreshing. The ocean is very calm in October. There are corals along the beach from Puerto Viejo all the way to Manzanillo. There are quite a few streams flowing into the ocean and so during the rainy season the water is quite muddy and chilly.

    I have seen a snake and some poison frogs in the little forested area between the beach and the road. Most hotels are located west of the beach road, but it is really no big deal to walk extra 50 yards and cross the road. Army ants are all over the place and so are the leaf-cutter ants.

  6. Striped Poison Dart Frog - Striped poison dart frog near Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica
  7. Army ants hunting down a scorpion - Army ants swarming all over a scorpion (Costa Rica)
    In a few minutes, the scorpion was dead. All attempts to rescue the scorpion failed as the ants found the scorpion very quickly which could not move fast enough to escape due to intoxication. Within a few more minutes, the army ants managed to cut the scorpion into pieces and took them away. The ants themselves left the entire area after a few more minutes.

    These army ants are quite aggressive. They raise their torso to strike back if you try to scare them with sticks or leaves.

  8. Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - A view of Arenal Volcano from the city of La Fortuna.
    The lava flow is not visible from La Fortuna. Be sure to get the current map of the lava flow on the volcano at

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